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Being a winning team, capable of orienting the customer towards change, giving him the prospect of unlimited prosperity

The Orodent philosophy finds its fundamental reference in the concept of “Total Quality”, which is pursued with the continuous improvement of the work quality of all company functions: research and development, production, distribution and customer support.

The primary objective of Orodent, in addition to guaranteeing an excellent quality of its products, is to establish a human, qualitative and lasting relationship with customers, based on mutual cooperation and the full satisfaction of every need with maximum availability and flexibility. In a scenario that opens towards a tomorrow of quality “at three hundred and sixty degrees”, the differential between producers is increasingly measured in the “Global” of the services offered.




Orodent was established in 1984 for the production of precious alloys for dentistry. In 2008 he began his experience with Zirconia and Colors which he currently produces and distributes all over the world.
The attention of our team is directed to the continuous evolution of the market and to customer needs. This attitude leads us to offer more and more advanced products in terms of quality and performance.

What has always distinguished us is the ability to adapt to change: our core business has changed over the years, from precious alloys to Zirconia. We have grown in a careful and far-sighted way both in terms of staff, but above all with regards to the ambitions and dreams to be realized.


Cerified Company

Orodent offers a high quality standard, ensured by a quality control system according to UNI EN ISO 13485. This certification is a quality management system standard specific for companies in the medical sector, which includes aspects of the ISO 9001 standard and specific requirements for the medical device sector. Furthermore, it is advantageous, and in many cases essential, for companies like us that export their products to the global market.